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8th June 2010 17:19

Chapter One, p. 014

hrgh it looks like Nico and Ward are flirting in the last two panels . . . . . . . . . in theory I don't object, but it's pretty OOC considering Ward's such a homophobe

one day I will remember what my million-and-a-half OCs all look like

Redrew the chapter cover and edited a couple of pages a few days ago because of issues with continuity; apparently after the first few pages I forgot how long I originally intended Nico's hair to be. AH HA HA WHOOPS
Though this hardly makes any difference since I can't draw him consistently to begin with.

He is supposed to look girly, though. His face, anyway. Partly it's because the sexist undertones in the whining about "girly" characters in BL annoy me. I get it if it's just on grounds of personal preferences; people find different physical types attractive, and IRL I actually prefer more masculine-looking guys personally. But when people talk about feminine traits as if they're inherently inferior to masculine ones, or talk about negative traits as if they're inherently feminine (apparently "girly" is a synonym for "spineless melodramatic wuss" — news to me) . . . Not to mention stereotyping what a "real" man is, as if guys are deficient if they don't fit all the criteria on some arbitrary list . . . Well, fuck that shit with a splintery broom handle. :| All the emotional immaturity/instability in stereotypical trashy BL is annoying, but that's no call to be a sexist asshole about it.


@NewAgeVintage: Thank you; hopefully the rest of the comic will be interesting to you. c:

@TheWhiteWabbit92: Unfortunately chapter 1 doesn't have much gore in it. XD; But after that . . .

@Gumibearcanibal: Thanks. c:

@Knock_Faery: Yeah, even if cringing ukes are horribly common, they're still not the only possibility. ಠ_ಠ Nico's pretty much the exact opposite of cringing, though, so I don't think you'll be disappointed there. :D


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8th June 2010 17:36


This seems realy interesting so far. I can't wait to learn more about the monsters and such. Not going to lie, I was baited in by the promise of gore, and when I saw your style I instantly thought it would be great for gore. Keep it up, it looks great so far.

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8th June 2010 17:37


I can't wait until the gore starts, I literaly cannot wait and I think I already love this comic.

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8th June 2010 17:56


Your art is gorgeous.
This now is one of my fave comics

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9th June 2010 01:01


Crowbar time! Nice xD I totally agree that the whole girlie appearance or traits = whiny wussbag thing is crap. It's why I adore girlie badass guy characters. Unfortunately, I've come across more cringing ukes than badasses, but you've given me beautifully drawn hope. With a crowbar in hand, no less xD

Two Six
25th June 2010 11:59


Hear hear to your entire speech! Couldn't agree more.
Also, Nico looks like a pale angel of death in the second-to-last panel, and I love it.

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18th October 2010 19:25


must be a real dick to be able to still be a dick with a crow bar to his head..o.o... i think i would decide it was time to stop being a dick if i had a crowbar to my head..o.o

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12th January 2011 13:17


I love the tones. And this page 8D
And your view on BL is spot on. Or... at least, I think you have a valid point.

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