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20th December 2011 23:01

Chapter Two, p. 001

. . .

well this reaction is a little . . .

morning after events of c1, btw.

I got a cold somehow on the third day of break, it's great. щ(ఠДఠщ)


@Clouds.Of.Rabbits: yeah, these things always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time . . . >:I
thank you & I hope I do!

@SomethingisAmisss: unfortunately Seth is not exactly an expert actor XD;
get well soon! people shouldn't make others sick :|

@sekichiku: later in the chapter you'll find out he has a lot to be nervous about :D
thanks c:

@sunlily: fortunately for Seth, Nico's too surprised by the sudden turnaround to do anything (before Seth runs off lol)
man what is it w/ people passing germs on to others. 8| I hope you get better too, the flu's worse than a cold!


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20th December 2011 23:10


D= Sorry to hear about your cold. Happened to me last year, the second day of break. Sucks.
Anyway, beautiful page as always. ^^
Feel better.

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20th December 2011 23:20


yeesh, someones getting handsy. Not suspicious at all..

I hope you feel better D: I caught a cold as well. I blame the kid who sneezed on me the Friday before break :'D

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21st December 2011 08:18


tch fidgety nervous lil squirrel is what you are Mr. Seth Blake ( ̄o ̄)

get better soon :o

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21st December 2011 22:29


Yeah, that's not a 180 from the first time you guys met. Not at all Seth. Totally normal and not suspicious at all. I wouldn't hold it against Nico to bitch slap him.

I feel ya on the being sick part. I got the flu from some a-holes at work. Hope ya feel better soon.

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