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16th October 2011 19:00

Chapter One, p. 040

they broke up for presumably obvious reasons, I think

I feel really sorry for Mari

Since she's basically worse off than Cam is. :I (They're still friends.)

& I'm glad some people are still interested in this comic! After all this time it's kind of a surprise, ha ha. My replies to comments are on the same page as those comments, btw. I know some people reply on the next page, but it's less confusing for me if comment+reply are together (esp given this comic's . . . nonexistent update schedule). Idk, what method do other people prefer? :V

Next update on the 18th.


@fishmasmouse: lol it's okay sometimes I actually type up comments and . . . forget to post them
& I'd trade in any hair-drawing ability I have for the ability to draw backgrounds. :<

@purpleteddi: if she has, she'd just be amused, probably. XD;
It's nice to know those panels work out because angles are pretty hard to draw. & I'm glad you like this!

@sunlily: main reason being how could this be a BL comic otherwise LOL
Re. Nico, there's something of a difference between someone leaping at Cam persistently & someone Cam's already rejected romantically who accepts that, maybe. (But they all have pretty complicated feelings, ha ha.)

@mizilla: I'll try not to make people wait several months in between updates again lol |||orz

@Lord Charos: yep, he's gay. :V

@sekichiku: ty, I think Mari & Padma are cute also. c:


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16th October 2011 19:32


I always forget to comment on things but I honestly have no preference rofl

Also! I want your ability to draw hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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16th October 2011 21:45


I hope Lissa was out of ear-shot when he said that last thing on the previous page. Or maybe I hope she heard it? Hmm.
Also, I very much enjoy top-down views you do through the canopy. Leaves. <3
as for replying methods, uh. I think on the same page is best, as you said, because of intermittent and prolonged updates.
[this is one of my very favorite comics, good to see some more updates from you]

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16th October 2011 22:03


" they broke up for presumably obvious reasons, I think" XD Yeah.

Nico is quite the mystery. He kinda flipped the script with how he looked in the last panel on the last page to how he looks on this page.

I have no preference as well. A lot of people comment on the replies page, so I've gotten in the habit of going back to the last page that was updated before going on the newest page.

16th October 2011 23:33


im so happy to see updates, ive missed this comic <3

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20th October 2011 22:42


Yay gayness :D thus, nico's comment of mari not really or rather couldn't blame cam for *coughbeinggaycough* the break-up :)
mari's adorable though :3
and dang!PADMA out of nowhere!now THAT'S one kickass name :D
I heart ur comic to bits~~the reply method's perfectly fine btw :D

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