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16+ for violence, gore, profanity, sexual themes, other content

Cam has more than enough trouble trying to pass his classes, fight off murderous monsters that only he can see, and hide his crush on his best friend. He'd be grateful just to survive his last year of high school with his sanity intact.

But when he and his friends investigate the origins of those monsters and uncover conspiracies both old and new, survival becomes the least of their problems.


Under construction; only main characters listed here at the moment.


Cam has always been a little lost at sea when it comes to life; he doesn't care much about grades, and spends most of his time asleep in the school library, barely managing to pass his classes. He gets away with it because his parents died when he was very young — and he's due to inherit quite a lot of money in a few years. Cam's earned something of a reputation for standing up for the downtrodden even in the face of impossible odds, and although he doesn't seem quite clear himself on why he does it and often claims he interferes with bullies just to cause trouble, many of the students respect him for that. He's rather popular with girls, even though — or maybe because — he's generally unfriendly.


Unlike Cam, Nico has never had much difficulty with academics, but Nico's amiable cheer and willingness to be friends with nearly anyone leads most people to think of him as harmlessly nice and maybe a little eccentric, and nothing more. Those who've gotten in Nico's way, though, have learned that his intelligence isn't purely academic, and an unexpectedly coldblooded, Machiavellian mind lies beneath his genuine good will. Part of that is inherited from his parents, whose affluence can be attributed more to cutthroat business sense than to inheritance, but even so, Nico can be incredibly, brutally ruthless, considering how loving a family he has and how much he evidently cares for them.


According to the Order, Leliel was little more than a cousin and competent aide to the Order's first Authoritate and premier general, Rerianath. Her critical role in the Order's early politics and military campaigns, not least of which was subduing the Devourer's ravages across the northern continent, has been suppressed and covered up by the Order itself.


Veriardin was one of the last of a bloodline of true sorcerers, individuals with inherent power rather than power granted by ceremonies and blood pacts. The Order claims that Veriardin was a hero who nobly lay down his own life to help stop the Devourer; the truth is rather less pleasant — and very carefully hidden from public knowledge.